Montreal Canadiens Sports Memorabilia

Montreal Canadiens sports memorabilia available in mint condition & ready for immediate shipping at Detroit Sports Outlet.

Classic Canadiens sports memorabilia available includes autographed hockey pucks, hockey sticks, and jerseys from top players including Patrick Roy, Guy LaFleur, Maurice “Rocket” Richard, Toe Blake & many others.

The Canadiens are the second-oldest franchise in all of North American sports & the longest running professional hockey franchise worldwide.

Montreal Canadiens fans have been treated to 24 Stanley Cups – first being in 1916, and the latest being in 1993. The team has won 8 conference championships & 23 division championships.

The Canadiens are not only the oldest hockey franchise in the world, but it is also a member of the famous NHL “Original Six.” The team has had classic rivalries with the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers & Toronto Maple Leafs.

A sign of the dominance of the Canadiens is that of all of the Stanley Cup Finals that have been played in the NHL, the team has won just over 25% of all of the championships, making the franchise the winningest organization in North America, second only to the Boston Celtics.

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