Boston Red Sox Sports Memorabilia

Boston Red Sox sports memorabilia available in mint condition at Detroit Sports Outlet. The Boston Red Sox have one of the richest histories in all of sports, not only baseball.

Find classic Red Sox sports memorabilia available from top players in the history of the franchise including Carlton Fisk, Roger Clemens, David Ortiz & possibly one of the greatest hitters of all time, Ted Williams.

The Red Sox have won 8 World Series championships in their history, while participating in 13 matchups of the “Fall Classic.” The Red Sox are one of Major League Baseball’s charter franchises when the league was founded in 1901. The franchise started off dominant, winning the World Series in 1903 & 4 more championships by 1918.

Boston Red Sox fans would go through a championship drought that was the second-longest in sports other than the Chicago Cubs, until the team won the World Series again in 2004.

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