Michigan Wolverines Sports Memorabilia

Find the best in Michigan Wolverines Sports Memorabilia here at Detroit Sports Outlet. With strong history in football, basketball, baseball & virtually every sport the school offers, Michigan has brought out some of the greatest athletes in all of sports.

In football, there are few programs in the history of college football more decorated than the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan is the winningest program in the history of the sport, edging Notre Dame in the category. The program has 11 claimed national championships & 5 unclaimed titles, with the first one going all the way back to 1901. Along with the national championships, Michigan Football has 42 Big Ten Championships & 21 bowl wins, including 8 Rose Bowl victories.  Detroit Sports Outlet Sports Memorabilia features autographed items from the legends of the program including Lloyd Carr, Bo Schlembechler, Tom Brady, Anthony Thomas, Charles Woodson, Jim Harbaugh, Jabril Peppers & many others.

For the men’s basketball side, the Wolverines have a long history, as well. The Wolverines won the NCAA Tournament in 1989 under the guidance of former Head Coach Steve Fisher. Along with that, the Wolverines have been in the NCAA Tournament 27 times, winning 54 times, and having a 6-1 record in the NCAA Final Four. Some of the All-Americans with Michigan Wolverines sports memorabilia at Detroit Sports Outlet include Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, & Trey Burke.

Detroit Sports Outlet features helmets, jerseys, photos & more from top players such as Tom Brady, Trey Burke, Chris Webber, Jabril Peppers & many others. Sing “Hail To The Victors” with quality, classic sports memorabilia supporting the Michigan Wolverines here at Detroit Sports Outlet.

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