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Russell Westbrook DraftKings NBA Playbook

Detroit Sports Outlet features the DraftKings NBA Playbook, each night during the regular season & playoffs.  The DraftKings NBA Playbook provides player stats & other information to help put together rosters.

We will give a breakdown of how we pick players & games in the Detroit Sports Outlet DraftKings NBA Playbook.

DraftKings NBA Playbook Tips

In the regular season, DraftKings NBA has always been an exciting part of what can be a boring night in the league. If a player’s favorite team isn’t on that night, playing DraftKings NBA makes for more interest and of course, the chance to win money.

While DraftKings NBA has always been considered fun, there is strategy implemented to get into the high money levels. We will look at each position for tips & strategies to being successful during the regular season.

Detroit Sports Outlet DraftKings NBA Playbook – Point Guards

During the NBA regular season, looking for quality point guard play is key. The elite point guards in the league tend to be consistent on a night in, night out basis – players such as Steph Curry, James Harden & Russell Westbrook.

The point guard position is the most important position to spend money on for a variety of reasons. The main reason is because the usage rate for the point guard is normally the highest of anyone on the team. When the usage rate is high, the player will receive more opportunities to gain points, assists, rebounds & defensive stats – all leading to more DraftKings points.

If a player went cheap on the point guard position, DraftKings points would need to be between 25-30 each night. Elite point guards in today’s NBA have gone for 55-60 DraftKings points per night and expect to get high rebounds and assist totals.

When looking for good point guards to start, look at points per game, assists & steals. Many of the next tier of great point guards average close to double-double numbers, meaning extra points in DraftKings.

A point guard with high usage rate and puts up great numbers could be a key to winning a close 50/50 or tournament.

Detroit Sports Outlet DraftKings NBA Playbook – Shooting Guards

The shooting guard position can be tricky to pick. Most times, a good starting shooting guard does not have to be expensive to get. With the exception of elite players such as Klay Thompson or a point guard who plays the shooting position, most good shooting guards can be available under $6,000.

Picking a shooting guard comes down to certain numbers – field goal percentage, average minutes per game, and three-point shooting.  Shooting guards, by nature, are very streaky with shooting on a game to game basis, hence the reduced need to spend big money.

The most salary that many players will spend on the SG position is between $3,800 and $6,000.


Detroit Sports Outlet DraftKings NBA Playbook – Small Forwards

Small forwards have been a great source of fantasy basketball points over the years. Small forwards have the ability to shoot, take the ball to the basket, get to the free throw line & grab consistent rebounds.

The high level small forwards – LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant – do everything for a squad. Basketball purists call small forwards “point forwards.”

LeBron had been considered a point forward due to his ability to get his teammates involved in the offense, but be the top scorer on the court. Small forward is a deep position to an extent because of all skills & potential DraftKings points available.

The problem when picking the small forward spot? After the top 6 small forwards playing, there are many players who tend to not be consistent. Pay attention to a player trend before picking him up for the lineup.


Detroit Sports Outlet DraftKings NBA Playbook – Power Forwards/Centers

Power forwards and centers have always been two positions players should pay high salary for in DraftKings NBA. The top power forwards & centers in the league have always been consistent in points, rebounds & blocks.

Players that fit this mold include Hassan Whiteside, Karl-Anthony Towns, DeMarcus Cousins & Anthony Davis. Big men of that caliber shoot the 3s, run the court well, pass out of double teams, and be consistent finishers around the rim.

Many of the dominant big men in the league get high usage due to the ball going through big men second (after point guard) to get the wing players open. Power forwards & centers can be counted on to build an entire roster around on DraftKings on many nights if the point guard selection isn’t great.


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