Hottest WAGS in Sports – Summer 2016 – Part 1

We are back with our list of hot WAGS to help get the summer started off right. Our staff has looked for the hottest women from all sports & leagues around the world & we have compiled over 35 of the hottest women in the world who are dating or married to some of the highest profile athletes or sports figures around.

Today, we will upload part 1 of our series on the Hottest WAGS in all of sports. Part 2 will be released on Friday.

Because of the changes in relationship statuses almost at anytime, we will only name who the woman is linked to, but not say wife or girlfriend, but the person was linked to them as recently as late 2015 into early part of 2016.  Get ready & enjoy our ride to see the hottest WAGs of your favorite athletes, here at Detroit Sports Outlet.

Sam Cooke (Chris Smalling)

Sam Cooke WAG

Sam Cooke WAGS

Sam Cooke WAGS




Misse Beqiri (Anders Lindegard)

Misse Beqiri

Misse Beqiri




Polly Pierce (Thomas Vermaelen)

Polly Pierce

Polly Pearce WAG






Yolanthe Cabau Snieder (Wesley Snieder)

yolanthe sneijder cabau



Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade)




Alex Gerrard (Soccer Player Steven Gerrard)




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